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The Company

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Ross Laurie


Ross has worked in the technology and finance sector for over 20 years. His previous company built a number of the onboarding interfaces for retirement planning both pre and post-RDR.

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Richard Braidwood


With a background in software development, sales, and business growth, Richard brings commercial and operational expertise to the team.

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Christian Burgin


Christian has worked in finance and technology all his professional life. He has developed and launched financial products all over the world, and has worked with and advised a wide range of tech companies.

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Advisory Board


Preston Rabl

Preston is a chartered accountant, a former stockbroker, and was the joint founder of WPP plc - since then he has been an investor in, director of, or advisor to various private and public companies.


Ian Steele

Ian is a former Deloitte Corporate Finance Partner with UK and global responsibilities. He is a Non Executive Director and management coach.


Enterprise Security


We take security very seriously at Visible Capital. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure your data is safe:

  • All of our data is held in secure cloud services, which are ISO 27001 accredited, ensuring it is as safe as using your own bank.

  • Access to the data is restricted only to those who have rights to access it ( a very small number of people who need to carry out work on it).; and

  • All account access is read only, so no transactions can be carried out on your accounts using the data held.


Visible Capital adheres with privacy, security and regulatory requirements. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA as a Registered Account Information Service Provider (FRN: 834786) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (PSRs).



Our Values


Solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems

Sometimes we need to solve the problems we, or our customers, know about, but often we also need to stress test systems and processes and find problems which haven’t yet been identified. And then solve them.


Stay agile

The way we work is designed to keep us on our toes, ready to adapt, to seize opportunities, build on what we’ve learned, break new ground and anticipate what’s coming up over the horizon.

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Seek out the best answers

We find answers by rigorous testing, objective benchmarking, reliable algorithms and extensive data analysis. We’re pleased when results reflect our instincts but it’s data that drives our day to day decision making.

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Strive for improvement

Self awareness is crucial for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. We aim to consistently identify where there is room for improvement and make changes for the better. And when we’ve been successful, we are wary about complacency.


Put people before processes

Technology is changing the world and the way we work faster than ever before. But it’s people who develop technology and people who use it. And that’s why we put people at the centre of every design and build and at the heart of every client interaction.


Environmental, social and governance

Our business is about efficiency, trust, and security and this is reflected in our ESG values. As the business evolves our ESG will also be updated and published on an annual basis.




Visible Capital is growing and we are looking for likeminded individuals to help us build on our Open Banking Vision. See an open role that fits your experience and passion? Fantastic! If not, please check back regularly and follow us @visiblecapital on Twitter for the latest opportunities.

Current Vacancies