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Visible Capital Over 50s research findings

Attitudes towards financial planning, technology, and inheritance. The report is now available to download

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Visible Capital serves a customer base predominantly made up of Financial Advisers who, in turn, service over 4.5m UK adults - the majority of which are over 50 years old. Despite this only accounting for 10% of the population they are considered to hold the majority of the wealth and are often seen as slow to adopt technology. Add to this the ongoing discussion around “Intergenerational Wealth Transfer” (estimated to be worth several trillion pounds) and it makes this demographic of great potential interest.

We decided to ask these very people about their attitudes to technology, wealth transfer, and upcoming new technologies designed to help them.

Our survey amongst a sample of +1000 individuals over the age of 50 gives us a vital lense into their views when it comes to their attitudes to finance and technology. Our audience dwells the length and breadth of the UK, with representation from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

The age demographic of our respondents covered four age groups 50-60 (13%), 61-70 (46%), 71-80 (36%), and over 80 (5%).

The goal of this report, as with all of our work, is to better understand the needs of our customer, and our customer’s customer, in order to acheive better financial outcomes.

Full report here:

Download report file here

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